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Reducing business risk in the maritime regulatory environment

Seebald & Associates is a full service maritime security firm. Established in 2002 by Edward P. Seebald, Seebald & Associates International brings together some of the finest minds in the fields of international security, maritime port and vessel operations, leadership development and training.

Our continuum of products and services includes port, vessel and maritime facilities (VSA/FSA) assessment and audit, development and implementation of security plans (VSP/FSP), training for Facility Security Officers (FSO) and employees, and personnel background checks. With our assistance and unparalleled expertise, clients can be assured they’re in compliance with all U.S. Federal laws (MTSA), as well as revised IMO standards (ISPS Code), and Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS).


After working with Seebald & Associates on MTSA compliance, we have gone from a facility that was on the verge of being shut down, to being one of the leading facilities in the Buffalo area. We have tight access control, our record keeping is up to speed, our security staff is fully trained, and we continue to improve our operation via drills, audits and exercises. Our management is no longer concerned about Coast Guard inspections thanks to the help we have received from Seebald & Associates.

- Jerry Baty | General Mills