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“John was excellent and made everyone feel welcomed and encouraged participation regardless on your experience level.”

Leslie Page, NextEra Energy

“Rich did a really nice job and understood how to train and what learning process to use ensuring everyone knew the material. Repetition was very good on key elements that reinforced learning the material.”

John Purvis, Vertex Energy

“Excellent class, very informative and interactive. I would recommend to all new FSOs and anyone in that particular position take this course!”

David Swafford, Advario

“This course was engaging and has provided me with the knowledge I needed to do my job as an FSO. I was clueless before attending this course but I am now confident in my duties.”

Amy Caldwell, Highline Warren.

“Thank you Seebald & Associates. I came here with 0% information and feel much better prepared to move forward with my duties as an Alternate FSO. I appreciate the course and all the resources that will be made available to me.”

Tyler Burns, Burke Energy

“This class is packed full of overwhelming information; however, the platform that the training was built on keeps the learning very fresh and the instructor was entertaining with his delivery of the training information.  I was able to absorb a lot of information in a short period of time due to this approach”

Dennis Stabile, Gold Bond Building

“This was my first introduction to FSO and FSP information. I have taken numerous training courses and this one was by far the best. Brian’s knowledge and experience are very evident. Thank you for this opportunity to learn in a fun and challenging environment.”

David Lee, BASF Corp

“The best training course I have taken in my 20+ years in the safety and security industry. I feared it was going to be death by power point. The course was informative and enjoyable.”

Danny Grayson, Chevron

“Joe was great, wealth of knowledge. The hands on and interaction between the instructor and students was fantastic and is what helped me learn and retain the information.”

Dan Gallant, Massachusetts Port Authority

“This man deserves a raise? I feel like this course and Scott made me much more comfortable with the content under 105 now when I have my next inspection.  I can go in with more confidence than I did last year. I’ll make the Coasties sweat.”

Morgan Malone, Schuyler Navigation Lines

“Greatly appreciate the experience, humor and time spent with the class. I hope my Coast Guard inspector has your temperament” 

Debbie Grant Shell Oil

“John was knowledgeable and engaged the class to participate so we all could learn from each other. The instructor used a lot of real experiences in both life and security to make the information relatable.”

Eduardo Serrata, Lyondell Basell

“I’ve taken the Seebald & Associates FSO course 3 times and the refresher 2 times, and I always leave with more knowledge. The reputation of the course and refresher course has proven invaluable in keeping me and my company up to speed on all the changes in the rules and regulations. Time and money VERY WELL SPENT!!”

David Galloway, Charleston Midstream Transfer

“I learned a lot in a short period of time thanks to Rich and his teaching techniques. The instructor saw that I was struggling with the laws and regulations and went out of his way during breaks and lunches to quiz me without drawing attention.”

Alternate FSO, Refinery

Reducing business risk in the maritime regulatory environment

Seebald & Associates is a full service maritime security firm. Established in 2002 by Edward P. Seebald, Seebald & Associates International brings together some of the finest minds in the fields of international security, maritime port and vessel operations, leadership development and training.

Our continuum of products and services includes port, vessel and maritime facilities (VSA/FSA) assessment and audit, development and implementation of security plans (VSP/FSP), training for Facility Security Officers (FSO) and employees, and personnel background checks. With our assistance and unparalleled expertise, clients can be assured they’re in compliance with all U.S. Federal laws (MTSA), as well as revised IMO standards (ISPS Code), and Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS).