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According to the 2016 Coast Guard Office of Port and Facility Compliance annual report, eleven percent of enforcement actions are due to Facility Security Plan citations. One of the biggest challenges facing a Facility Security Officer is ensuring your Facility Security Plan is solid. Recall your FSO training and the Security Organization Pyramid.

Your FSP is based on the Facility Security Assessment required by 33 CFR 105 and explained in NVIC 03-03 Change 2. Your FSA is critical in summarizing your facility's vulnerabilities and security measures used to mitigate them. Without a solid FSA, your FSP is a house built on sand. This month's S&A blogs will focus on your FSA - Who conducts FSAs, How to do an FSA, What's in a reliable FSA, and Common Faulures we see in FSAs when we audit FSPs. Stay tuned!