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Ultimately, the Facility Security Officer is responsible for ensuring that the Facility Security Plan is based on a quality Facility Security Assessment. We at S&A audit a lot of FSPs, and a lousy FSP is often linked to a poor FSA. That reflects poorly on the FSO, the FSP, and then entire Facility Security Organization (remember the pyramid!)

The FSA must involve representatives from as many facility disciplines as possible - Management, Human Resourses, Operations, Engineering, Maintenance, Security, IT/Cyber, Legal, and Safety to name a few. It takes expertise, energy and time to do an FSA! Most FSOs have the expertise and energy, but few have the time. That's why many FSAs are superficial, and all too many are simple repetitions of the previous FSA- many times including the same typos! If you don't have all three requirements (expertise, energy, and time), then you need help conducting a trustworthy FSA.

Remember, if you want a solid FSP, then you need a reliable FSA. There's no getting around it.