The facility owner or operator must ensure the FSP consists of the 18 individual sections listed below per 33 CFR 105.405.  If the FSP does not follow the order as it appears in the list, the facility owner or operator must ensure the FSP contains an index identifying the location of each of the following sections:

1 - Security administration and organization of the facility

2 - Personnel training

3 - Drills and Exercises

4 - Records and Documentation

5 - Response to change in MARSEC level

6 - Procedures for interfacing with vessels

7 - Declaration of Security (DoS)

8 - Communications

9 - Security systems and equipment maintenance

10 - Security measures for access control, including designated public access areas

11 - Security measures for restricted areas

12 - Security measures for handling cargo

13 - Security measures for delivery of vessel stores and bunkers

14 - Security measures for monitoring

15 - Security incident procedures

16 - Audits and security plan amendments

17 - Facility Security Assessment

18 - Facility Vulnerability and Security Measures Summary (Form CG-6025)

The FSP must describe in detail how the requirements of 33 CFR 105 subpart B Facility Security Requirements will be met.  Note that when Seebald & Associates helps you in writing your FSP, there are additional FSP sections that we create to improve your FSP, make it meaningful, and easier to use.