We’ve listened to your feedback!  The blogs this month are designed to you assist you in controlling facility access points and remaining compliant with random screening requirements.  Topics include:

3 P’s of access control

  • Physical – security infrastructure and systems
  • Presence – bearing and attitude of security force personnel
  • Performance – security training, experience and application

Just what does random screening mean?

Random screening is just that – screening that occurs without definite aim, reason, or pattern.  Random is NOT every 10th person or vehicle.  You are required to develop a protocol for randomizing your screening.  A best practice in random selection is the “Marble Method,” which is recognized and approved by the Coast Guard.  Other randomizing techniques may include a software program that randomly selects a person or vehicle to screen.  DO NOT rely on individuals determining off the top of their head when to screen – their choices are NOT random.

Randomizing your screening makes your access control effective by eliminating predictability, and will deter folks entering your facility from trying to bring on prohibited items.  A random screening protocol will increase your facility’s security reliability!

Join us this month while we review the regulatory requirements for the sake of building your security awareness.  Suggested Reading - 33 CFR 105.255.