As the FSO, you get this!  After all, your job depends on it.  The company is depending on you.  The local community and beyond is depending on the company.  Trade secrets, competitive advantage, threats, vulnerabilities… the list goes on.  Oh, and Coast Guard Inspectors do make unannounced visits to ensure you’re in compliance with MTSA, 33 CFR 105, NVIC 03-03 Change 2, and NVIC 03-07 along with other applicable regulations.

Remember the 3 P’s of access control –

  • Physical – security infrastructure and systems
  • Presence – bearing and attitude of security force personnel
  • Performance – security training, experience and application

The first of the 3 P’s, Physical security, forms the first impression – for compliance with the regulations, as well as target desirability for the would-be attacker.  Is the physical security well maintained, shiny and new looking, or not so much?

We’re talking about things like fencing, vehicle/rail/pedestrian gates, emergency egress points, sensor detection systems, lighting, and operational and/or security camera systems.  Much of this is not specifically spelled out in the CFR.  Look to security Best Practices and Industry Standards; and/or look to Seebald & Associates for their expertise by giving us a call.

The more sensitive the facility/product/location, the more formidable the physical infrastructure should be.  Ask yourself, is your facility a hard or soft target?