Facility Security Threats – It’s a Knowledge Requirement!

Before we get started on our threat discussion this month, let’s see what 33 CFR 105 requires of us.  In particular, our knowledge and training must include awareness of security threats and patterns. 

  • §105.205 Facility Security Officer (FSO).

(b) Qualifications.

(2) In addition to knowledge and training required in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, the FSO must have knowledge of and receive training in the following, as appropriate:

(b)(2)(viii) Current security threats and patterns;

  • §105.210 Facility personnel with security duties.

Facility personnel responsible for security duties must maintain a TWIC, and must have knowledge, through training or equivalent job experience, in the following, as appropriate:

(a) Knowledge of current security threats and patterns;

  • §105.225 Facility recordkeeping requirements.

(b) Records required by this section may be kept in electronic format. If kept in an electronic format, they must be protected against unauthorized deletion, destruction, or amendment. The following records must be kept:

(6) Security threats. For each security threat, the date and time of occurrence, how the threat was communicated, who received or identified the threat, description of threat, to whom it was reported, and description of the response;

The Coast Guard takes a risk-based approach to security.  Threats are an important consideration in their many activities, such as setting MARSEC levels.  In lieu of your own research, or trying to navigate through Homeport, you can take advantage of participating in your Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) to learn more about what the Coast Guard perceives as the prominent threats in your area.  Have that discussion with your Coast Guard facility inspector and with your colleagues in the AMSC. 

Remember that the specific threat discussions may include Sensitive Security Information (SSI), so it’s our duty to be careful to protect this information.  If you’re having a threat discussion, then be sure to know your surroundings.  Also, when recording a security threat to your facility or personnel, be sure to mark the record as SSI, and protect it along with your other facility documentation.

Next week’s blog will look at Threats as a component of our facility’s risk equation…

Also, did you know? …

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