Last week we looked at the 2 requirements required to be an FSO, and the FSO’s duty to be competent in 21 knowledge elements.  This week we’ll cover additional duties an FSO must perform to reduce compliance, business, and operational risk…and keep your turf secure!

The FSO must, for each facility for which he or she has been designated:

(1) Ensure that the Facility Security Assessment (FSA) is conducted;

(2) Ensure the development and implementation of a FSP;

(3) Ensure that an annual audit is conducted, and if necessary that the FSA and FSP are updated;

(4) Ensure the FSP is exercised per § 105.220 of this part;

(5) Ensure that regular security inspections of the facility are conducted;

(6) Ensure the security awareness and vigilance of the facility personnel;

(7) Ensure adequate training to personnel performing facility security duties;

(8) Ensure that occurrences that threaten the security of the facility are recorded and reported to the owner or operator;

(9) Ensure the maintenance of records required by 33 CFR 105;

(10) Ensure the preparation and the submission of any reports as required by 33 CFR 105;

Does this list sound a bit daunting, are you squirming or are you telling yourself “I got this!”  If you’ve been trained by S&A’s, follow our weekly Blogs, attend the monthly Webinars, and use our monthly Drill scenarios, you’ll likely to be closer to telling yourself “I got this!”  That’s our goal.  We want you to be proficient in the knowledge as well as in performance as an FSO, so when the Coast Guard Inspector makes their visit they’ll be satisfied that you and your facility are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Whew!!  We’re about half-way through an overview of an FSO’s Duties…more to follow next week.