Seebald & Associates Facility Security Symposium

June 6th – June 8th at the New Orleans Marriott

One of the many premiere presentations:

Active Shooter –  Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Natalie Phelan, New Orleans FBI Office – As the active shooter situations becomes increasingly more common, Special Agent Phelan will discuss what signs to look for to prevent potential situations, how to protect yourself and respond. She will also answer questions.

Panel Discussion - Cyber-Security Threats in the Maritime Environment - Panel - Coast Guard Cyber Command Representative; Cliff Neve, Managing Partner for MAD Security and FBI New Orleans Special Agent.
Recent reports indicate the potential for tragic consequences if our port facility technology systems are “hacked”. The reports also indicate that many US ports are currently at high risk. A panel of government and industry experts will address this important topic.

The FBI’s Role in Managing Security in the Maritime Environment - Supervisory Special Agent Clinton J. Morano – serves as the Unit Chief for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Joint Terrorism Task Force - 2 – In this session Supervisory Special Agent Morano will provide insight into the FBI’s role in counterterrorism and its maritime security association. His supervisory responsibility for 900+ FBI agents and Task Force Officers assigned to FBI offices throughout the country will provide great insight into current threats and risks.