Seebald & Associates Facility Security Symposium

June 6th – June 8th at the New Orleans Marriott

Couple of the many premiere presentations:

Physical Security at High Value/High Risk Facilities - Eric Linden, Managing Director, Integritas Security Service Inc. Integritas provides canines for facility security including bomb and drug dogs. Eric Linden will explain and demonstrate the use of dogs including a field demonstration.

Facility audits – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Lessons Learned From Facility Audits & Plan Development – CAPT Brian Kelley, USCG, (ret.), Chief Operating Officer, Seebald & Associates – Over the last several years Seebald and Associates have conducted a large number of audits, assessments and the development of plans. During this session, Brian and the Seebald team will share some observations, “lessons learned” and a blooper or two.

Thank you and hope to see you in New Orleans.