Ok, we have covered The Good, The Bad and now to what you all have been waiting for, The Ugly.  Here are some actual examples that will make you say, “No way, that can’t be true”

Access Control

Security Measures for Restricted Areas – At several facilities, pedestrian gates were left wide open during the day with no security guard present – an open invitation for a breach of security.  At another facility, a computer server room door consisted of a shower curtain hanging from a shower curtain rod and it was not even marked “Restricted Area” – need we say more?  For the rest of the story; that shower curtain was replaced with a steel cage door and is properly marked now.

Physical Security

Perimeter fencing and gates – One facility had a shipping gate with no lock providing easy access to the secure regulated footprint and often this gate was left wide open during business hours for convenience so the loading dock workers did not have to open and shut it after delivery trucks came and gone.  While on a tour of a facility during an audit, a five-foot by six-foot hole was found in the perimeter fence line, which appeared to be there for some time – how can that be?  How did no one notice it or if they did, why did they not report it?  Another facility’s employee parking lot located outside the secure facility where vehicles were parked up against the 5-foot fence, allowing for an easy access over the fence into the secure/restricted area.  To make matters worse, there was a container on the inside blocking the view of the security office and making unauthorized access almost undetectable. 

Security procedures

Record keeping – There a few FSOs that are unorganized, papers everywhere and when asked to find something, they can’t - in another words, they’re a Hot Mess!!!  Now this is during our audit, what is it like during a Coast Guard compliance inspection?  One could only imagine.  On three separate occasions, an approved FSP had NO Sensitive Security Information (SSI) markings, that’s right no SSI markings on any page.  How did this get approved by the local Captain of the Port and not get noticed during previous compliance inspections?

All these examples were found, some in plain sight but others were found because a thorough audit or assessment was conducted.  Who does your facility security audits?  Would they have found these?  FSOs – don’t rely on your auditor to find these discrepancies, you find them before your Coast Guard compliance inspector does.  Get out and do reviews, conduct regular drills, and establish a security training program.  These are only a few things to start building a security culture that puts security on the same level as safety.  Remember, “The Bads & Uglies” can become “Goods!”