So, we now know that we must conduct audits annually and we also know who can conduct the audit, but what does the audit include?

  • First the audit must include an extensive review of the physical site and the security systems being utilized. This is not just a quick 15 minute drive around the facility! The auditor must test your systems, look at your fence lines, gate systems, CCTV systems and all security equipment listed in your FSP.
  • Second, the auditor must test your people ensuring that they have the required security awareness understanding and that they are fully carrying out their security responsibilities.
  • Third, the auditor must also review all security records and documents to ensure that they are fully compliant.
  • After the audit is complete, the auditor should provide the FSO with an Audit letter that should be included with your Records and Documents. Additionally, the auditor should provide you with a detailed report of what they found.  This is for your information ONLY.  It is not to be provided to the Coast Guard.

A comprehensive audit might also include the conducting of a Drill and Exercise and may include Security Awareness training for your All Other personnel.  The Audit is a critical tool to improve your FSP and your personnel!