First - the definitions we covered in week one of this Blog series explain the differences between these two areas.  In week two, we reviewed Coast Guard guidance regarding these areas.

Second - TWIC requirements address the different areas when an individual who has not applied for a TWIC requires access.  Non-TWIC individuals are required to be escorted by a TWIC holder trained in escorting responsibilities.  In a Secure Area, a TWIC Escort is permitted to escort up to ten Non-TWIC individuals visually or by monitoring.  In a Secure/Restricted Area, the TWIC Escort may escort up to five Non-TWIC individuals side-by-side.

Third – as an FSO, you are also required to implement the provision in your facility’s FSP.  Ensure your facility diagrams are properly labeled, the correct verbiage is being used and that it is up-to-date with the physical infrastructure in use.

Stay secure, others are relying on you!