Seebald & Associates’ and MAD Security’s Cliff Neve delivered a webinar on October 25th discussing the recent cyber attacks at the Ports of Barcelona and San Diego. Cybersecurity has many analogies to physical security, and bad actors use the same basic steps to exploit victims’ information, property, and information systems. In addition, the convergence of information technology (IT) with operational  technology (OT) allows for expanded access for administrators and operators to industrial control systems, camera systems, and other OT devices.  It also, however, expands the attack surface for nefarious cyber actors, and Cliff discussed the ways to protect your converged networks from threats.

Most companies cannot afford to hire their own 24/7/365 cyber security operations center personnel, nor should they spend the money for at least a dozen people (~five people per 24/7/365 watch position), the facility, the software and licenses, the training for personnel,  and the management oversight necessary to secure their information and information systems. 

Seebald and Associates have partnered with MAD Security to offer a very affordable alternative: 24x7x365 Managed Security Services, including network monitoring and vulnerability scanning, that will harden your IT systems and allow for quick detection of cyber intrusions.


Call or email Cliff today at 540 809 8549 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a discussion and get a quote for services.