Facility Security Plans (FSP) were first written and submitted to the Coast Guard in
2004 with a 5 year re-write requirement.  For everyone keeping track of the 5 year
re-write schedule for FSPs, that means in 2019 most facilities will need to re-write
their FSP.  For those of you that are familiar with the Seebald Security Pyramid, you
know that at the base of the Pyramid is the Facility Security Assessment (FSA).
Without a well prepared and well thought out FSA, the FSP may be very weak and
not provide the level of security that your facility needs.  The FSA will help you build
an FSP that truly takes into account current threats, real vulnerabilities at your site,
and design mitigation actions and security strategies that will be most effective in
reducing your risk.  This means that you, the Facility Security Officer, must be
intimately involved in this development process!  We’ll spend more time on this in
the coming blogs and in the November Webinar to be held on November 29, 2018 at
11:00 am.
One final thought, be sure to check your FSP approval date.  Many FSPs will need to
be resubmitted in 2019.