Hopefully, you have done a thorough job of conducting the RBA and then building out your FSA.  Once this is complete, you can fill out the CG-6025 & CG-6025A forms.  These forms should mirror the scenarios and mitigation actions that you identified in your RBA.  The Coast Guard uses these forms to better understand the potential vulnerabilities at your facility but also to get a better picture of potential vulnerabilities in the Captain of the Port Area.   This information can be helpful to the Area Maritime Security Committee.

You’re now ready to begin to build your FSP.  Remember, your FSP should address the vulnerabilities in the FSA!

A final reminder, a useful, effective FSP is not written overnight.  The COTP wants your FSP 60 days prior to its expiration.  You will need at least the same amount of time to develop your FSA/FSP.  If your FSP is due for re-submission in 2019, get started now!!!