As we get closer to the holiday season, many in the maritime industry see an increase in business.  All those toys on the shelves and specialty foods come from somewhere, and the container trade typically sees a surge in operations this time of year.  Some segments of the energy industry will see an increase in heating oil, propane, and other fuels, and even facilities that handle bulk commodities are doubtless seeing those mountains of salt grow on their terminals. 

Increased trade is good for business, but busy terminals can also mean increased risk.  Fast paced operations can distract from security needs and contribute to a sense of chaos.  Key employees may be on vacation, and foul weather may simply encourage people to keep their heads down.  Ice and snow can degrade the operation of cameras and other security systems.  Terrorists and others may try to exploit any of these factors.

To reduce your security risk, consider the following:

  • Remind all personnel to be alert for suspicious activity or behavior, including the presence of suspicious packages or devices on the facility.
  • “Phishing” attempts and other scams may come in the form of holiday themed e-mail.  Ensure all employees are aware of the potential threat, and to follow company guidelines concerning e-mail security.  In general, don’t click on links or open attachments if you aren’t sure of the sender.  Malware and Cyber-attacks could cost the company money and even degrade critical security, safety, and operational systems. 
  • Take advantage of your S&A Platinum membership perks by participating in monthly webinars and conducting drills using the monthly drills scenarios you receive by email.

Here at Seebald & Associates we hope that the remainder of 2018 and 2019 is a prosperous, safe, and secure year for you, your families, and your employees.