All Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) Regulated
Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Facility Owners & Operators

Word is out that the U.S. Coast Guard is going to increase their efforts on MTSA security compliance inspections and oversight of all MTSA regulated OCS facilities in the Gulf of Mexico starting in early 2019.  What this means to you is the Coast Guard will annually conduct one announced and one unannounced spot check of your security compliance requirements from 33 CFR Part 106 and Coast Guard Navigation & Vessel Inspection Circular 05-03 (Implementation Guidance for the Maritime Security Regulations Mandated by the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 for Outer Continental Shelf Facilities). 

Be aware that your Company Security Officer, OCS Facility Officer, OCS Facility Personnel with Designated Security Duties and all other OCS personnel must be trained and certified by an approved training provider.  In addition to the increased focus on MTSA compliance, 2019 is a prevailing year for the required five-year renewal of your OCS Facility Security Assessment and OCS Facility Security Plan.   

Seebald & Associates is a Coast Guard recognized and approved training provider for 33 CFR Part 105 Facility Security Officers & Maritime Personnel with Designated Security Duties and has provided training since 2003.  Seebald & Associates is proud to offer OCS MTSA security compliance products and services along with a Company Security Officer (CSO)/OCS Facility Security Officer training course beginning in 2019.  Seebald & Associates has submitted a CSO/OCS Facility Security Officer training course for Coast Guard approval.  Upon Coast Guard approval, Seebald & Associates will be the only company with an approved CSO/OCS training course and we’ll be offering courses soon, so be on the lookout for our email flyer to register.

Coast Guard regulations require an annual, third party audit of your MTSA program.  Seebald & Associates currently offers these audits for onshore-based MTSA regulated facilities and is now poised to offer the same to offshore facilities.  A Seebald & Associates audit will help you improve overall security as well as meet all audit requirements, including your compliance with all laws, regulations, and government agency policies relevant to MTSA.  A Seebald & Associates audit can also include training for your personnel, as well as drills and exercises, as needed. 

If you are behind on your audit requirements, then contact Seebald & Associates as soon as possible to schedule the audit and avoid fines and penalties.  Note that the Coast Guard has the authority to prohibit all operational activities if they determine that an onshore or offshore facility does not meet security regulations.

Seebald & Associates can also help you write or renew your onshore or offshore Facility Security Plan.  These plans must be resubmitted every five years, and most offshore plans will expire on or about July 1, 2019.  A well-informed security assessment is the foundation of a quality security plan and program.  We can help you conduct a security assessment and develop a security plan that meets Coast Guard requirements, improves security, and aligns with your business operations. 

Seebald & Associates offers access to its premium website for graduated students of its security officer courses.  Additionally, recommended drills are offered every month to meet the MTSA requirement of conducting a security drill every three months.  Simply execute and document the provided drill and it will keep you in compliance with Coast Guard security drill requirements.  We offer a facility compliance tool kit for our clients that helps your security personnel ensure they are fully prepared for announced and unannounced Coast Guard inspections. 

Seebald & Associates has a strong reputation and record in meeting and exceeding established Coast Guard security compliance standards, and we always stand by our clients.  We look forward to working with you. 

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