“Approved and Certified?” - Not All Maritime Security Training Is the Same - How do you choose the right Course?

Will you choose a U.S. Coast Guard “approved” maritime security training course or not?  If you own or operate a Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 & 2010 (MTSA), 33 CFR Part 105 or 106 regulated port facility or outer continental shelf (OCS) facility your Facility Security Officer, Personnel with Security Duties and All Others are required by regulation to be trained.  Seebald & Associates International is your go-to U.S. Coast Guard “approved” training course.  Each regulated entity must have designated security officers and personnel whose duties are to conduct security activities.  MTSA 2002 & 2010 mandate that security personnel must be trained and certified.  While maritime security training courses and classes have been offered the past 16 years stemming from the MTSA requirements, “Not All Maritime Security Training Is the Same”.

To choose a fully qualified and Coast Guard approved security training course provider, the process is very simple,  click on this link https://www.dco.uscg.mil/Portals/9/NMC/pdfs/courses/courses.pdf for the National Maritime Center (NMC) and it should take  you to the NMC’s approved courses list and it will offer you a search function which will confirm whether the course you want is U.S. Coast Guard approved/accepted.  While conducting MTSA compliance inspections U.S. Coast Guard security inspectors must review training records of your security personnel, having them attend, complete and graduate with a certificate from a Coast Guard approved Seebald & Associates course will attest that your personnel have met the U.S. Coast Guard’s rigorous standards. 

In conversations with U.S. Coast Guard security inspectors, they can tell which companies’ security personnel have attended Seebald & Associates MTSA security training.  They can also tell which companies have engaged Seebald & Associates for their annual compliance audits, facility security assessments and facility security plans.  If you need maritime security training, annual compliance audits, facility security assessments or facility security plan development please contact us at www.seebald.com.   Our courses fill rapidly so check our website often for a course that fits your schedule.