The United States Coast Guard formally approved Seebald & Associates’ Outer Continental Shelf Facility Security Officer Course confirming that this course adheres to the rigorous standards specified in Coast Guard regulations and policies.  This course meets the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 professional competencies of Outer Continental Shelf Facility Security Officers and Company Security Officers, and joins Seebald & Associates’ Facility Security Officer and Personnel with Security Duties courses that have also been approved by the Coast Guard.  The newly approved course has two near-term convenings, April 16-18 in Houston, TX and July 16-18 in New Orleans, LA.  Visit to register today, courses fill up quickly.

This is the first Coast Guard approved course specifically for 33 CFR Part 106 OCS facilities. This approved course is a milestone for the marine industry and maritime security training and consulting community.  Coast Guard regulations ensure that approved training courses cover all required topics for the complex marine industry.  Course approval also indicates that the instructors are themselves experienced and knowledgeable, and the course employs professional training and evaluation techniques to ensure the students learn and retain the required knowledge.

The offshore industry is a cornerstone component of our nation’s energy infrastructure and the marine transportation system.  With the United States now being a major exporter and the world’s leading producer of oil and gas, security in the offshore energy sector is more important than ever.  Economic terrorism, piracy, internal threats, inter-state conflicts, transnational organized crime, civil protests, and cyber-attacks are all global security threats that the industry must prepare for. 

Seebald and Associates is proud to contribute to the security of the industry through this newly approved training course, and through our other services.  Seebald and Associates strongly believes that professional training is the foundation of any security program.  Well trained personnel keep their facilities in compliance – and their fellow workers secure.

Seebald and Associates is an active supporting member of the Gulf of Mexico Area Maritime Security Committee. Coast Guard inspectors are coming so be sure to remain in compliance by having your personnel properly trained, your annual compliance audits up to date and your facility security assessments and facility security plans inspection ready.  The cost for losing any production time is extremely high at a time when the nation’s dependency on oil and gas production is at its peak. 

As mentioned above, our first approved course is scheduled for April 16-18, 2019 in Houston, TX, with our business associate J Conner Consulting Inc, a leader in offshore safety and risk management, providing the venue.  The second course is scheduled for July 16-18, 2019 in New Orleans, LA.  Registration is currently open for both courses.