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Raise your hand if you are fine with business coming to a screaming, and expensive halt for, say a month or two.  A cyber-attack can be the business equivalent of a deadly, metal-on-metal sound coming from under the hood of your car.  Sure you can get it fixed, but it won’t be quick, or cheap, or easy.  A ransomware attack on the City of Baltimore had just this effect.  

At Seebald & Associates, we can’t prevent all cyber-attacks, but we can help organizations recognize their risk and build resilience.  We address cyber security during training courses, audits, and security assessments. Our goals during these activities are as follows:

  • We help FSOs and others to recognize that many of the systems they use have cyber components – and therefore cyber vulnerabilities.  These systems could be anything from simple wi-fi enabled cameras and web-based employee alert systems to sophisticated cargo and industrial control systems.

  • During audits and assessments, we gauge the client’s overall approach to cyber security, addressing, in the most basic of terms, topics such as employee training, network access policies, IT/OT segregation, and the role of cyber security in MTSA regulated functions such access control and cargo systems.

  • We encourage cooperation between FSOs/VSOs and the organization’s dedicated cyber security professionals.  This cooperation should include suspicious activity reporting, risk assessment and mitigation activity, and response operations.  

  • We encourage cyber professionals to participate in information sharing organizations, and to take advantage of well recognized cyber security standards and resources, such as are published by NIST,SANS, and CISA.

Maritime organizations will increasingly require more technical assistance, and we are proud to refer them to Make A Difference with MAD Security.  MAD Security is a highly respected managed security services organization with close ties to S&A and experience working with port and waterways organizations, industrial and other private sector clients, as well as with the U.S. Coast Guard, the Department of Defense, NASA, and other government agencies.  They provide 24/7 network monitoring and intrusion detection and will ensure you become compliant with emerging Coast Guard/DHS requirements. So go ahead and get MAD.  With their cyber expertise, and S&A’s holistic approach to security, your vessel or facility can be well prepared and resilient when (not if!) cyber or other threats come your way.