The National Response Center (NRC) recently changed how it wants to be notified in the event of a maritime and cybersecurity incident.  The NRC published a bulletin, reminding owners and operators to ensure they list the NRC's 24-hour hotline, 800-424-8802, in their facility/vessel security plan.  Use of the telephone hotline ensures reliability and allows the NRC watchstander answering the phone to make sure all pertinent information is recorded.  The NRC NO LONGER provides an email address on its website for reporting incidents.

All Facility Security Officers (FSO) and Company Security Officers (CSO) of MTSA regulated 105 maritime facilities and 106 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) facilities should take this opportunity to make changes to your Facility/OCS Facility Security Plans specifically for sections which list the contact information for the NRC.  Seebald & Associates recommends that FSO/CSOs update their standard operating procedures, quick response cards and contact checklists at all access points to ensure they are properly contacting the NRC.  FSOs/CSOs that review and update their FSPs should document this action as a security drill and ensure the change is communicated to all employees. 

Additionally, for cyber incidents that do not also involve physical or pollution effects, the Coast Guard allows reporting parties to call and report the incident to the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) in lieu of the NRC. NCCIC is a 24×7 cyber situational awareness, incident response, and management center staffed by watch standers who can also provide technical assistance following an incident. It is imperative that the reporting party inform the NCCIC that they are a Coast Guard regulated entity in order to satisfy the reporting requirements of 33 CFR 101.305. NCCIC can be reached at (888) 282-0870.

Coast Guard Policy Letter 08-16, “Reporting Suspicious Activities and Breaches of Security,” outlines the requirements for regulated vessels and facilities to report security incidents, in accordance with the 2002 Maritime Transportation Security Act.

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