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As the summer boating season reaches its peak, we know that many of our clients, including FSOs and the many facility employees, like to head out on the water for some recreation after the work day is done.  As Seebald & Associates is made up of retired Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary members, we share this love of the water.

While you are out boating, always wear your life jacket, never boat while intoxicated, and keep a sharp lookout for other boaters, commercial vessels, heavy weather, and any other events that could create a safety risk.  We also encourage all boaters to take a Coast Guard boating safety course, and to have a qualified member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary conduct a courtesy vessel exam.  For more information on boating safety, go to

Finally, an FSO’s work is never done, which means you should also be alert for any security risks on the water.  As boaters, you are in the best position to identify suspicious activity at marinas, along our waterways, or near commercial vessels or facilities.  If you see something concerning, call the NRC at 1 800-424-8802, or 877-24WATCH.  America’s Waterway Watch provides more information on identifying and responding to suspicious activity. 

So when you are getting your boat ready, wear your life jacket, pack your safety gear, and bring the same strong security culture you champion at work.  Help yourself and help our nation identify threats by staying alert on the water.