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Afternoon, Day 1 in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter – During an energetic networking lunch, the diverse maritime industry participants engaged with and learned more about each other as well as getting to know their Seebald Associates.  After which, the afternoon session kicked off with a video and discussion on high reliability security procedures that prevent and deter security incidents; an environment we all desire to promote and nurture!


The expert team of the Seebald Associates provided snippets of insight and experiences to enhance the training experience, while Joe Hester kept the learning lively and fun!  Digging into domestic and international law, the Code of Federal Regulations and Coast Guard policies is a tough act after lunch, but there was not a sleepy eye in crowd due to the dynamic and interactive master-level teaching techniques used to convey the dry, but necessary knowledge an FSO must be trained in.  Well, honestly, a “cup of joe” also helped keep the 70 eye lids open!

By the way, the beignets were consumed in short order!  Blogging from the heart of the French Quarter… ‘Restez en Scurit!’ – Stay Safe and Secure!