Keeping it Fresh.

Nineteen new arrivals showed up on day two of the S&A FSO Course and Security Symposium.  These were seasoned FSOs, here to learn and contribute at the FSO Refresher Course.  Our FSO Refresher course helps FSOs and senior executives stay sharp.

Our new participants represented over 400 years of experience, and this is what makes the Refresher Course so valuable.  While S&A instructors provided an overview of threats, emerging Coast Guard policies, and related issues, the students all had their own stories of security incidents, best practices, and other “nuggets of knowledge” that others could benefit from.  In some cases, the students used Post-it notes to share some of their suggestions.


The students in Refresher courses tend to be rather vocal, and today’s class was no exception.  While S&A Master Instructor Brian Kelly started with a planned agenda, the contribution from students often dominated the discussions.  Emerging threats and technologies were a popular topic.  One of the participants promised to share a video of a drone using a flame thrower, which we all look forward to seeing at a future course.


Of course the class is also discussing new requirements, including cyber security, a review of MTSA fundamentals, and trends in Coast Guard compliance actions.  The networking lunch, which Ed Seebald so kindly provided, included yet more discussions on practical matters such as security camera vendors, and how effective the access control and credentialing solution, MAGNAR FortifiD, has been with existing customers.

Stay tuned, tomorrow the classes end and the Symposium begins with special guest speakers, Captain of the Port Panel, and more...