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How TWIC Saves Time and Money at the Airport

Recently, a Seebald & Associates auditor had to make a last minute change in travel plans to meet a client’s needs.  While already on the road, Rich had to book a flight on an airline that didn’t already have his Known Traveler Number (KTN) in their database.  The KTN is the number TSA issues to people who complete the TSA PreCheck application process, including paying the fee.    

But that KTN was on a slip of paper back at home.  Without the KTN readily at hand or access to those speedy PreCheck lanes, how would Rich avoid the long security line?

Fear not gentle reader, for Rich was equipped with the mighty TWIC, and although it is not widely known, the TWIC identification number serves as the KTN.  Rich entered his TWIC number when making his reservation, sped through security, and was on his way to the client.

So if you already have a TWIC (and if you are reading this blog, you probably do), there is no need to apply separately, and pay an additional $85 fee for PreCheck.  You already have it.  Active TWIC card holders enter their TWIC credential identification number (CIN) in the KTN field of their airline reservation or in their airline rewards profile section.  The CIN is printed on the back of each TWIC card in the lower left-hand corner.

This change has been a long time coming but is welcome all the same.  For more information see the link below: