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It’s football season, and I hope you all will help Ed by cheering on the Buffalo Bills, who will doubtless go to the Superbowl this year.  Just ask him! 

In between games, give some thought to cybersecurity, where the goalposts always seem to be moving.  Most of us can find the combination of ever evolving threats and countless new standards to be overwhelming. 

Here at Seebald & Associates, we keep in close contact with cybersecurity experts at the U.S. Coast Guard, and at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), to provide you with the best, most credible advice on how to manage your cybersecurity risks while meeting Coast Guard requirements.

CISA recently published “Cross-Sector Cybersecurity Performance Goals”.  This document, which is written in plain language, is a set of voluntary core cybersecurity practices.  It is intended to reduce risk for both individual organizations and our nation’s critical infrastructure.  You can access the document at

The U.S. Coast Guard is encouraging vessel and facility operators to consider these performance goals.  You can read the Coast Guard’s information on this topic at

According to CISA, these performance goals can help address the concerns of small and medium sized businesses who struggle to know where to focus and invest their scarce cybersecurity resources.  Our cybersecurity experts at S&A agree that this is a valuable addition to the best practices developed by CISA, and jointly promulgated with the Coast Guard.

Cybersecurity really does have moving goalposts.  But to make that touchdown every time for our clients, Seebald & Associates constantly updates our training aids, audit checklists, and Facility Security Assessment processes to reflect current standards and best practices.  The audit we provide next year will be different from this year’s, especially in cyber.  This is how we ensure that your security programs provide meaningful security that reduces compliance, operational, and reputational risk. 

For all the latest in cyber and other security issues, be sure to attend our upcoming Security Symposium, 30 January – 2 February 2023 in Tampa, FL.  We’ll have an impressive list of senior Coast Guard and industry experts who will address cybersecurity, TWIC, preparing for protest activity, security guard management, and more.  To register and for more information, go to at