Seebald & Associates International works hard to deliver a thorough, high level Audit for our clients.  Our Audits include:

-               -   A complete review of the Facility Security Plan;

                 -   A tour, review and critique of the entire physical facility and physical security systems;

                 -   Review and testing of the implementation of all security procedures and protocols;

                 -   A review of all Records and Documents, cleaning and updating of records and documents, and implementation of the Seebald Records & Documents Kit;

                 -   Security Awareness training as needed;

                 -   The conduct of at least one security drill;

-               -   The conduct of an annual exercise;

-               -    A comprehensive Audit Report for the FSO (not to be shared with the USCG);

-               -    Preparation of minor amendments;

-               -    One year of telephone support;

-               -    One year of support through our Platinum Membership service.

When you’re looking for an expert to conduct your Annual Audit, consider the team at Seebald & Associates!  We’re here to help ensure that your facility is secure and that you remain in compliance with 33 CFR105!