The Coast Guard provides its facility inspectors with guidance on conducting a compliance inspection – it’s located in Appendix (B) to COMDTINST M16601.1 Each Facility Security Plan Review is assigned a MISLE number, and the Coast Guard’s inspection activities are documented in the MISLE database.

Your inspector’s pre-inspection activities include reviewing your FSA Report, Form CG-6025 and FSP, reviewing your records, deficiency history, and CG Activity History in MISLE.  Just like when a police officer checks their database upon stopping a vehicle, your CG Inspectors refresh themselves (increasing their “situational awareness”) by looking at your facility’s history in MISLE.

Following your facility inspection, your Inspectors document their Post-inspection activities in MISLE.  They complete a MISLE MTSA Compliance Exam activity case log, determine whether amendments to the FSP are required, and Initiate appropriate actions to ensure timely correction of deficiencies.  This includes documenting Notices of Violations.  The MISLE database also links to the Coast Guard Finance Center to track the enforcement activity (including case adjudication and penalty payments) until the case is closed.