Under the TWIC Final Rule, electronic TWIC inspection is required each time a person is granted unescorted access to a secure area for facilities in Risk Group A.  TWIC readers or a Risk Group A facility’s Physical Access Control System (PACS) must perform three functions:

1.  Card Authentication – The TWIC reader or PACS determines that the TWIC is authentic via the Card Holder Unique Identification (CHUID) and validates the Federal Agency Smart Credential – Number (FASC-N)

2.  Card Validity – Checks the TWIC against the Cancelled Card List (CCL), which determines whether a TWIC is valid (i.e., not revoked or expired.)  Learn more about the TSA CCL at https://universalenroll.dhs.gov/

The TWIC reader or PACS must stay current with the CCL, with the following update requirements: 

• MARSEC 1 – update CCL every 7 days

• MARSEC 2 & 3 – update CCL daily

3.  Identity Verification  The TWIC reader or PACS verifies the card holder’s identity, which is confirmed with accepted biometrics templates: 

• Fingerprints

• Digital facial image with PIN (Do you remember your TWIC's PIN?)

• Alternate biometrics (vascular) are authorized if this biometric temnplate is tied to the TWIC holder & approved with your FSP