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Under the TWIC Final Rule, electronic TWIC inspection is required each time a person is granted unescorted access to a secure area for facilities in Risk Group A.  TWIC readers or a Risk Group A facility’s Physical Access Control System (PACS) must perform three functions:

1.  Card Authentication – The TWIC reader or PACS determines that the TWIC is authentic via the Card Holder Unique Identification (CHUID) and validates the Federal Agency Smart Credential – Number (FASC-N)

2.  Card Validity – Checks the TWIC against the Cancelled Card List (CCL), which determines whether a TWIC is valid (i.e., not revoked or expired.)  Learn more about the TSA CCL at

The TWIC reader or PACS must stay current with the CCL, with the following update requirements: 

• MARSEC 1 – update CCL every 7 days

• MARSEC 2 & 3 – update CCL daily

3.  Identity Verification  The TWIC reader or PACS verifies the card holder’s identity, which is confirmed with accepted biometrics templates: 

• Fingerprints

• Digital facial image with PIN (Do you remember your TWIC's PIN?)

• Alternate biometrics (vascular) are authorized if this biometric temnplate is tied to the TWIC holder & approved with your FSP