Personnel with Security Duties.

This month at Seebald & Associates the focus is on Facility Personnel with Security Duties (PSDs).  This Thursday we will host our monthly Webinar on PSDs - we hope you’ll join us. 

Your facility’s PSDs can be one of the major shortfalls in your security regime.  In fact, we’ve seen PSDs as the greatest compliance risk over the course of dozens of recent facility security audits.  There can be many reasons for subpar performance, for example, substandard or no training, weak management or leadership, or insufficient funding to hire and retain competent PSDs.   This blog talks about investing in reliable PSDs.

Funding for security personnel is an easy target for budget cuts because money managers don’t understand regulatory security compliance risk.  That is, a PSD failure can lead to enforcement action that can result in the Coast Guard Captain of the Port's direction to cease operations or assess significant monetary fines.  Unfortunately, many facilities cut security costs first because senior facility decision makers do not realize that PSD investments can have high returns in mitigating compliance risk.   

Cutting security costs by choosing the lowest bidder among security companies often results in a “race to the bottom” toward low PSD reliability.   There are some exceptions to this rule, but regardless it usually means that your facility has to invest in training and FSO time (conducting FSO reviews, drills and exercises) to ensure PSDs are operating at peak performance and in compliance.  

What can you do?  First, understand your PSD contract.  Know what the security company is responsible for, and hold them accountable for their performance.  Many security contracts indemnify the security provider from liability when their substandard performance results in an enforcement action – does yours? We've also discovered that poorly performing security companies provide uncertified training to their personnel - what kind of training do your PSDs receive? Are there contract requirements calling for certified training? 

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for.  The best performing security companies usually invest in the best training for their personnel and pay their personnel wages that attract and retain the best security guards available.  These reliable PSDs are a significant deterrent to nefarious activity, and an excellent confidence booster for your Coast Guard inspector. 

Look for more blogs on PSDs coming your way.  In the meantime, remember to register and participate in our PSD-focused Webinar on Thursday – we look forward to seeing you there!

Happy New Year, Facility Security Officers!

We at Seebald & Associates are riding quite a lot of momentum from 2016 as we embark on the New Year.  Just last year our team increased to include four previous U. S. Coast Guard Captains of the Port, and we added two Master Instructors who will continue to provide monthly webinars and a host of services.  We conducted record numbers of Facility Security Audits, FSO courses, classes for Personnel with Security Duties, and Security Awareness training.  Our webinar attendance continues to grow, as seen in the latest episodes that focused on the TWIC Final Rule and its impacts on facilities.  We even designed, developed, and launched a new Seebald & Associates web site.  But enough lingering on the past...

2017 marks our 14th year in training, advising, and guiding FSOs like you to help you comply with federal laws, regulations, guidelines and policies.  Together, we’ve made great strides toward reducing your corporate and maritime security risks by enhancing your facility’s security reliability and improving security at commercial maritime facilities across the country.  And this year we look forward to doing more.

            For example, we will publish weekly Blog posts complementing our monthly Webinars.  January will be our month to highlight “Persons with Security Duties”(PSDs) during which we will discuss hiring, tasking, training and certifying your PSDs.  There have been some nightmares that we have recently identified in our auditing.  We’ve identified lessons learned and best practices that can help you improve your PSDs’ performance.  Stay tuned for our Webinar announcement, which will be out tis week.  Please take a moment to read the blogs and join us in the webinar.

Platinum Perks

            In 2017 and beyond we introduce our Seebald & Associates Platinum Perks status.  Because of the volume of reference material, training, drills, blogs, and SSIgrams accumulated over the last 13 years, we wanted to share this material with our clients, customers, and FSOs along with the best practices captured throughout the country.  Platinum Perks will allow you to view training video blogs and can be your one-stop shop for material to help you fulfill your FSO responsibilities.  If you have taken our FSO Course, or we have conducted your Audit, or written your FSP in the last year, then these services include Platinum Perks

So please join us on our new website at and peruse everything we have to offer.

Until next time, take a Security Moment with your fellow employees and stay Secure and Safe. 


     Any questions please contact Gretchen at 716-481-0195 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Merry Christmas to all!

Dear Friends,

As we sit down with our friends and family for the Thanksgiving Holiday, I just want to thank you. Every year when I reflect back on the past year I think of all of the great people my team has worked with, taught, assisted and helped work through some difficult times. We consider you not only as clients but also part of the Seebald & Associates family. So I wanted to personally thank you and wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving!