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Our Team

We are an integrated team of professionals assisting the Maritime Industry (Port Terminals and Vessels) in compliance with federal (Coast Guard) and international (IMO) regulations. With over two centuries of collective experience as inspectors, security analysts and trainers, our consultants - many of whom are retired senior Coast Guard Officers with maritime industry experience - have a proven record of competency, integrity, and performance results. Each Associate is an expert in their respective field and their personal involvement in each project we undertake is the hallmark of our consultancy.


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CDR Edward Seebald, USCG (ret.)

Founding President & CEO

Capt Brian Kelley, USCG (ret.)

Chief Operating Officer

tom atkin

RADM Tom Atkin, USCG (RET.)

Senior Strategic Advisor

tom atkin

Robert "Chip" Birthisel, J.D.

General Counsel

tom atkin

Senior Executive Service John Felker, DHS (RET.) 

Executive Director for Cyber Security

drew tucci

CAPT Drew Tucci, USCG (RET.)

Director of Maritime Compliance

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Capt John Bingaman, USCG (ret.)

Director of Strategic Planning

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CDR Richard Sundland, USCG (ret.)

Director of Training

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CDR Cliff Neve, USCG (ret.)

VP of Cyber Security

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Capt J.J. Kichner, PE, USCG (ret.)

Director of Environmental Safety

joe hester

CAPT Joe Hester, USCG (RET.)

Director of Offshore Operations


Special Agent Clint Morano, FBI (ret.)

Director of Physical Security

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Thomas Venezio

Vice President of Training

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Gail Venezio

Director of Training Technology


Brian "IKE" Eisentrout, GS-15 USCG (ret.)

Maritime Security Specialist

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LCDR Spence Byrum, USCG (RET.)

Director of High Reliability

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Robert E. Stark, AIA, NCARB

Director of Security Design Services

"Ed’s straightforward approach is refreshing - and a true service to his clients. His knowledge of port security rules is extensive and his experience helped us sort out how to best proceed with our situation and comply with the regulations. I recommend taking advantage of the team at Seebald & Associates. They have the knowledge, the experience, and the ability to work with clients across the spectrum."

- Tom Stanek | K2 Resource