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Brian “Ike” Eisentrout

Maritime Security Specialist

Brian “Ike” Eisentrout brings 40 years of exceeding excellence in government service as a US Army Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer and US Coast Guard Federal Civilian. Prior to joining Seebald & Associates, Ike was the Deputy Director of the US Coast Guard’s National Maritime Center with responsibilities for the daily oversight and management for the professional credentialing and training approvals of the United States Merchant Marine Service consisting of 208,000 active mariners. Ike’s first assignment with the Coast Guard was in the Port Security Directorate as a Senior Maritime Security Specialist where he contributed to regulatory, implementation guidance and policy development in support of the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, Homeland Security Presidential Directives and National Security Presidential Directives and Plans. In his first career he was a 25-year combat veteran of US Army Special Forces serving at the operational detachment level up to Theater and Department of the Army. Ike specialized in Counter-terrorism, Anti-terrorism, Counter-narcotics operations and training, Advanced Intelligence operations, United States Diplomatic Security Assessments and Planning, Non-combatant Emergency Evacuation Plans and Execution, Foreign Internal Defense and Unconventional Warfare. Ike attended the Naval War College, Campbell University and University of Oklahoma.

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"Ed’s straightforward approach is refreshing - and a true service to his clients. His knowledge of port security rules is extensive and his experience helped us sort out how to best proceed with our situation and comply with the regulations. I recommend taking advantage of the team at Seebald & Associates. They have the knowledge, the experience, and the ability to work with clients across the spectrum."

- Tom Stanek | K2 Resource