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Capt Brian Kelley, USCG (ret.)

Senior Strategic Advisor

Brian Kelley is a retired Coast Guard Captain. During his first career, his multi-mission experience ranged from Coast Guard afloat commands and shore-based Captain of the Port operations to command centers, human resource management, contingency planning, and budgeting. His second career with Seebald & Associates has focused on improving maritime port reliability through facility problem-solving, which has included security assessments, planning, audits, and training.

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"Ed’s straightforward approach is refreshing - and a true service to his clients. His knowledge of port security rules is extensive and his experience helped us sort out how to best proceed with our situation and comply with the regulations. I recommend taking advantage of the team at Seebald & Associates. They have the knowledge, the experience, and the ability to work with clients across the spectrum."

- Tom Stanek | K2 Resource